Webinar Aim to Advance with IBM Cloud Pak for Data

Webinar Aim to Advance with IBM Cloud Pak for Data

In general, companies have siloed data, meaning, that it is not centralized and is isolated from other departments. This complicates things when fast and real-time data analytics is needed. In addition, these data are often sensitive and confidential which requires specialized resources in managing them to ensure that it is managed accurately and securely to prevent misuse by unauthorized parties. However, such resources could also incur considerable processing costs.

In response to these challenges, on the 5th of May, Multipolar Technology and IBM held a webinar titled, “Aim to Advance with IBM Cloud Pak for Data”. It explores how IBM Cloud Pak for Data (ICPD) is presented as a data platform that modernizes the way overall company data is collected, organized, and analyzed, as well as application of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

ICPD makes it easier to locate and access data thus increasing productivity and effectivity

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