VMware Workspace ONE Seminar

e of access to company data and mobile applications is needed to increase employee productivity so that they can be connected anytime and anywhere. But on the other hand this can also lead to security gaps, for example if a device is lost it has the potential to leak important company data.

Multipolar Technology and VMware collaborated again in a seminar titled Empower Employees with an Intelligent-Driven Digital Workspace. This seminar invited customers and prospects from various industry sectors.

Here are some solutions presented in this seminar:

  1. VMware Workspace ONE
    The VMware Workspace ONE digital workspace platform is able to consolidate all applications into one place, and can be accessed with Windows 10, iOS and Android based devices according to their authorization. With VMware Workspace ONE, device management, application and enterprise data security for mobile workers can be done easily, while still providing the same user experience as if working from the office
  2. Hyperconverged Lenovo ThinkAgile VX Series and VMware vSAN
    Hyperconverged Lenovo ThinkAgile VX Series and VMware vSAN are ready-to-use devices that combine multiple data center services – integrating servers, storage, networks and virtualization solutions – offering speed and agility in virtualization applications, reducing complexity, increasing efficiency, and lowering operational costs with process implementation that can be done in just minutes.

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