Smart Analytics Seminar

On Wednesday, October 17, 2018, MLPT – IBM collaborated again in a seminar called “Unlocking the Value of Your Data in New Ways to Accelerate Your Journey to AI”. The event was attended by 46 participants from 30 companies from various industries, including finance, insurance, securities, and manufacturing. And we take advantage of this moment to publish a package of IBM Smart Analytics solutions.

At this time, many companies feel they are ready to implement technology based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) only with the available data. But after being traced, it turns out that the existing data is spread across various departments, making it difficult to collect data. Not to mention the large number of double data, invalid entries or incomplete, inconsistent writing formats so that the same customer is recognized as a different individual.

MLPT offers a Smart Analytics package consisting of:

  • IBM Power Systems enables the development of a business platform into the digital age with Big Data, Analytics and Cloud technologies, which provide the best integration, the best performance, and the best virtualization. The IBM Power architecture can be optimized to provide a lower and more reliable total Cost of Ownership (TCO), with better capabilities.
  • IBM Mini Analytics – supports companies in preparing ‘single’ structured data so that it can be easily managed and can be used as material for analysis and decision making, through the following 3 stages:
    1. COLLECT (Hybrid Data Management) – with IBM DB2 Database, Big Data & DB2 Data Warehouse:
      – Collecting data from various database sources, text files, and CSV
      – Processing the data into valid and valuable data information
    2. ORGANIZE (Unified Governance & Integration) – with IBM Information Server (ETL & Quality Data), Data Replication, MDM
      – Integration of data based on groups
      – Transformation, matching, and standardization of data
      – Analysis of data to be used as reports, predictive data, etc.
    3. ANALYZE (Data Science & Business Analytics) – with IBM Cognos, Watson Explorer, Planning Analytics
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