Roadmap to Accelerate Network Transformation Seminar

When your business experiences rapid changes, network management is also required to adjust the needs of the company – the demand for security for possible future threats, IoT development, cloud and mobility integration. In addition, rushing and unfavorable situations such as tight meeting schedules and traffic jams often prevent the smooth communication and productivity.

Answering this problem, Multipolar Technology collaborated with Cisco in a seminar entitled “Roadmap to Accelerate Network Transformation” which was held on 29 November at Ayana MidPlaza Hotel Jakarta, by carrying out the following solutions:

Cisco Meraki:

  • Manage Networks can be accessed anytime and anywhere – it doesn’t have to be in the office and the network can be accessed via the internet
  • Accepting advice and provide serious support, always keep the ‘speed of features’ at the forefront so there is no need to worry about being stuck with a system that needs to be improved
  • Offering a better security system
Cisco Webex :
Solutions that allow unlimited collaboration, including through face-to-face virtually. with the following advantages:
  • Architectural portfolio collaboration solution and a complete endpoint video and end-to-end, starting from gadgets to meeting rooms.
  • Video collaboration from any device, anytime, anywhere
  • Sharp video quality (support up to Full HD)
  • Easily integrated with other video endpoint solutions, including integration with Skype for Business
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