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The Gartner Trend Insight Report stated that the majority of companies see Artificial Intelligence (AI) as the technology that has the most impact on company operations. AI technology is considered to have the potential to increase efficiency, create new business, and be a competitive advantage for a company. However, two out of three companies claimed it was difficult in determining the starting point for the implementation of AI. This renders the implementation of AI in many companies faltered and ineffective.

Answering this problem, Multipolar Technology collaborated with InfoKomputer Magazine in a seminar entitled, “How to Embed Artificial Intelligence to Your Company.”

The seminar thoroughly discussed about the strategy of implementing AI into business processes effectively and efficiently. The participants of this event came from various industries including, financial industry, securities, manufacturing, and logistics.
This event presented 3 speakers who shared their AI implementation strategies in their respective companies, namely from BNI Bank and Toyota Manufacturing Indonesia, there were also presentations on AI from IBM Indonesia.

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