Smart Brunch with Multipolar Technology-HPE

The organization certainly needs a qualified infrastructure, which is not merely superior only in terms of engine specifications. IT infrastructure must now be able to support the latest technology that can accelerate companies to transform into the digital realm. That is, companies must be smart in choosing which infrastructure is capable of supporting business strategies to grow and increase profits.

This time MLPT collaborated with HPE by holding a Smart Brunch by inviting prospects from various industries. With the concept of small discussion, participants who attended became more relaxed following the event and did not hesitate to discuss the HPE solution that was delivered at that time.

The solutions presented include:
  • HPE Nimble is a storage that has Artificial Intelligence and is able to do various analyzes, with self-healing features. HPE Nimble Storage has the Infosight Predictive Analytics feature that functions as an Artificial Intelligence / artificial intelligence data center that can be accessed through the cloud, and is able to accurately predict and manage the growth of existing data.
  • HPE SimpliVity combines several data center services in the form of appliance that offer speed and agility in the application of virtualization, reduce complexity, increase efficiency, and reduce operating costs. HPE SimpliVity has the ability to integrate servers, storage, networks and virtualization solutions in a ready-to-use device, with an implementation process that can be done in just minutes.

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