PT Multipolar Technology Tbk Wins 2016 IBM Choice Award for Top Strategic Business Partner 2016

CITY, ST/PROV/COUNTRY – February 17th, 2016 – PT Multipolar Technology Tbk today announced it was named winner of an IBM Choice Award for Top Strategic Business Partner 2016.

 Announced at the IBM PartnerWorld Leadership Conference in Orlando, Florida, United States, IBM’s Choice Awards recognize a select number of IBM Business Partners who have demonstrated business excellence in delivering IBM-based solutions that help bring clients into the cognitive era – resulting in exceptional client experience and business growth.

IBM Business Partners who win a Choice Award exhibit IBM values in all client interactions and achieve common business goals, resulting in superior customer satisfaction and mutually significant business impact. Choice Award winners are selected annually by IBM leadership in each geography and are given to Business Partners across a range of categories, recognizing their working relationships with clients and demonstrated skills in selling IBM solutions.

“The IBM Choice Awards recognize Business Partners around the world for their commitment to IBM values and client satisfaction, as we help clients navigate the new cognitive era,” said Marc Dupaquier, general manager, IBM Global Business Partners.” PT Multipolar Technology Tbk has consistently served as a trusted advisor in readying clients for the transformation that cognitive technologies will bring,” he added.

“Market needs of today’s enterprises have become more critical, selective, and demand the best solutions for business. As Multipolar Technology has grown as a reliable partner of IBM, we continually strive to deliver customer oriented solutions to help clients enjoy the highest value for their business so they can be more competitive. Integrated IBM solutions help us to achieve better collaboration, increase profitability, and higher customer satisfaction,” said Wellianto Halim, Commissioner, PT Multipolar Technology Tbk who received the award today.

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