Exhibition IBM Systems Technical University

MLPT participated in the 2019 IBM Systems Technical University (TechU) event in Bali which took place on 7-8 November. The event which lasted for 2 days was attended by around 100 participants who were customers of IBM. This time MLPT brought IBM Cloud Object Storage (ICOS) solutions.

IBM Cloud Object Storage (ICOS) makes it possible to store unlimited amounts of data easily and is cost efficient. ICOS is generally used for data archiving and backups, with a fast backup and restore speed because it uses a disk as its device, both for web and mobile applications. ICOS tier storage class that is flexible and has a policy-based archive allows users to manage costs incurred (according to the needs of the company) to access data.

Criteria of approachable target customers:
• Companies that need large data backups. For example the media (MNC, metroTV, etc.) that require storage for clippings / photos / videos
• Financial sector that requires data backup of more than 5 years.
• Banking / financial sector which requires storing monthly user statement data for compliance
• Service providers or telco industries that require monthly statement storage, such as customer data
• E-commerce that requires image & video backups

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