Webinar MailApp: Permudah & Percepat Pengolalaan dan Administrasi Persuratan Secara Digital

Entering the digital era, it is fitting that the administration of correspondence is managed in a modern and paperless manner, it can also be accessed from anywhere and anytime. Especially with the current pandemic conditions, work or collaboration must be done from anywhere by minimizing the mailing, circulation, and physical signature of files/documents.

MailApp is a ready-to-use application developed by MLPT itself, which is easy to use, secure, and can be integrated with collaboration applications that are commonly used everyday such as email and Office 365. MailApp has full features that make it easy to create various types of letters based on standard formats, centralized archiving, mail tracking, and the ability to handle thousands of documents each month.

By utilizing MailApp, the search for mail/files can be done quickly with the search feature through several parameters, and the traces of mail processing can be known at any time through the mail log. MailApp has a user friendly editor system, complete with digital signature and QR Code features.