Webinar IBM FlashSystem: Build Agile Infrastructure for Mission Critical Application with IBM FlashSystem

There is a lot to consider and pay attention to when investing in IT infrastructure. In addition to competitive prices, performance is an absolute consideration because it is related to the important data contained in it.

It is time for companies to switch to enterprise-class storage systems that are capable but economical, optimal for running high workloads, supports multi cloud environments, minimize complexity, and most importantly ensure data availability.

On July 29, Multipolar Technology together with IBM held a webinar “Build Agile Infrastructure for Mission Critical Application with IBM FlashSystem”. In this webinar, various competitive advantages of IBM FlashSystem storage are presented, including:

  • Predictive analytics to anticipate storage problems
  • Flash Memory drive guarantees significant data processing speed
  • Ease of data replication/migration
  • Flexibility to use public cloud, on premise or hybrid cloud
  • Ensure data availability on critical applications according to SLA
  • Supports OLTP, AI and Cloud based applications
  • Economical price but enterprise quality