Webinar Kolaborasi & Otomasi Proses Bisnis Menggunakan Microsoft 365

Digital transformation provides new opportunities for organizations to create innovative products and services, through better and more agile ways of working. In order for performance and operations to continue to be optimal, tools are needed that are able to harmonize various business applications in an integrated manner. Aspects of security, authority, and availability of applications and data must also be guaranteed to support the continuity of sustainable business processes.

Multipolar Technology and Tech Data collaborated on the webinar, “Business Process Collaboration & Automation Using Microsoft 365”. In this Microsoft 365 (M365) webinar series, the topic discussed was how M365 can be used as a Document Management System (DMS) with the ability to manage documents in bulk, search, and save documents based on privacy, versioning capabilities and record change history. This feature can also be used as a simple business application development platform to support company operations.