Webinar BI Fast Payment for Agile Transformation Financial Services

The BI Fast Payment service from Bank Indonesia will certainly help business actors in realizing an online transfer payment system in real time and with more security. Not only business actors who will benefit from this service, but the public will also be able to enjoy payment system services that are easier, faster and safer.

In order to provide a better understanding of the implementation of BI Fast Payment solutions, Multipolar Technology held a special webinar for banking titled, “BI Fast Payment for Agile Transformation Financial Services,” on June 3. This webinar is intended so that the banking sector which is in the initial phase of BI Fast Payment implementation can be better prepared, starting from the provision of database solutions, payment hubs as accelerators, and infrastructure so that implementation can run smoothly.

This webinar discusses the Oracle Database solution which is a mandatory component of BI Fast Payment, with highlights of the latest Oracle features version 19C and Oracle Data Guard for data replication from Production to DRC so that the database has a high and consistent level of availability. Also the presentation of several modules from VisionDG as a Payment Hub, namely the BI Fast Payment Messaging Module, Transaction Module, and Reconciliation Module.