Digital Financial Outlook 2022: Cyber Security Transformation in Digital Financial Era

On November 16th, MLPT together with Infobank and IBM held the Digital Financial Outlook 2022 event: Cyber ​​Security Transformation in the Digital Financial Era.

As Chair of the First Commission, Meutya Hafid gave her opening remarks regarding on how the event explores the security access not only to company data, but also specifically personal data. In competing with always on the move digital era, conventional finance transaction declines as practical digital transaction conquers. With all things considered, organizations necessarily need to be smart in ensuring their data security 24×7.

Together with IBM, Multipolar Technology has a way in confronting that challenge, with using IBM Security Access Manager (ISAM) solution.

  • ISAM is able to control all applications in the company with good authorization, relying on multi-factor authentication and can be accessed on a risk basis.
  • This solution provides convenience with the single sign on feature in the application. ISAM also has well-managed security for all parties involved in providing comfort in interacting.