Infokomputer TechGathering IBM Power10

In the beginning of December, Multipolar Technology kicked off a collaboration event again with Infocomputer and IBM. This Event discussed the readiness of businessmen to manage infrastructure using hybrid cloud. Cloud technology tends to be more flexible and save resources, but hybrid cloud still cannot be separated from the role of on-premises infrastructure.

Hybrid cloud will always be relying on three things. Firstly, it has Private Cloud, second is Public Cloud and lastly is Conventional IT Infrastructure.

In Several cases, application development and data storage are considered more secured if it’s done on-premises. For more sensitive data, on-premises are also considered a safer and stable storage media. In addition, adopting a hybrid cloud must be based on the journey.

Not everything that seems right to be done in the cloud turns out to be as expected, and the other way around. Because of that, Multipolar Technology recommends IBM Power10 with an optimal and updated performances for on-premises infrastructure that can be used on hybrid cloud.  Primarily, it is also in terms of integration with Red Hat.

To accommodate wider needs, IBM Power10 is also equipped with Automated services with Ansible, IBM Cloud Pak Technology, and OpenShift services. Additionally, IBM Power10 has the ability to encrypt from on-premises to cloud or end-to-end encryption and has a chip for artificial intelligence (AI). Which will make it easier for companies to adopt AI while cutting other operational costs.