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A set of platforms and services for developing agile, scalable and high performance business solution applications.


Reduce the time it takes for a transaction to take place, remove overhead costs and intermediaries, reduce risks, and increase trust by utilizing a shared ledger that is immutable, transparent, traceable, and secure.

Internet of Things (IOT)

Gain quicker business alerts and responses with devices that self-report in real time with less human intervention and improve efficiency in bringing important information to the surface as if in a distance-less environment.

OS and Virtualization

Increase IT agility, flexibility and scalability with significant cost savings in multiple aspects, enabling business continuity and disaster recovery.

  • OS Server
  • Virtualization
  • Server Virtualization
  • Infrastructure Virtualization
Database Platform

Gain faster and more secure data access, storage, and transformation as well as a better system in managing vast quantities of your business’s data.

  • Database Software
  • Database Replication Solution
  • Database Clustering Solution

Today’s digital enterprise needs fast and actionable insights. This is an increasingly tall order, as data resides in higher volumes, in greater variety, and in more locations throughout the enterprise, and as an increasing number of business users demand that data. This, coupled with the complexity of multiple cloud environments, makes data management and integration extremely challenging. To succeed, enterprises should adopt a hybrid data approach to all things related to data and analytics.

There are many benefits from implementing database platform, such as:

  • Collect, manage, and provide business insights to data on-premises, in private and public cloud, across structured and unstructured data types. You can deploy anywhere with flexible scalability as your data architecture expanded.
  • Provide real time information from constantly changing data Data Replication delivers high volumes of data with very low latency from multisite workload with continuous availability to data lakes, data warehouse or data mart so you can get real time insight.
  • Prevent data loss or down time Database cluster provides you with continuous availability to make sure business operation run without interruption.
Services Oriented Architecture
Align your business with IT using services that can increase business agility, improve business workflows, enable an expandable architecture, enhance reuse, and expand life spans of applications.
  • Performance Management
  • B2B Integration Solution
  • IT System Monitoring
  • IBM WebSphere Application Server
  • IBM WebSphere ODM
  • Connectivity & Integration
  • IT System Monitoring
  • Availability and Performance Management
  • App Diagnostics
Container Management
Automate the creation, destruction, deployment, transfer and scaling of your data and software in your internal organization or to an external location in a secure, flexible, auditable, and cost effective platform.
  • File Transfer Management
Application Development Platform

The solution that provides a complete and consistent experience to accelerate innovation and speed development of applications by leveraging modern platform such as container platform, low-code platform and support to move from monolithic to microservices with DevOps methodologies and modernization toolkits.

Application Program Interface (API) Management

Provide a wider range of integrated multi company services to your customer and be a part of today’s competitive interconnected business landscape.

  • Application Program Interface Management