Webinar IBM CP4D-Credit Risk: Accelerate Decision Making to Grow the Business

In today’s era of digital transformation, we are experiencing a major change in the interactions between individuals and each other. Even though we are physically far apart, we are digitally brought together. Likewise with customers in processing financial transactions, credit loans and other businesses which are now widely done digitally from anywhere.

Responding to this challenge, Multipolar Technology together with IBM again held a webinar titled, “Accelerate Decision Making to Grow the Business,” which was held on March 25. The solution presented this time, namely IBM Cloud Pak for Data (CP4D) Credit Risk module. Credit Risk Accelerator, is an automated risk assessment solution based on machine learning that is built on a modern analytical platform, based on microservices and has complete lifecycle features. IBM CP4D has various Credit Risk modules such as data collection, data organization and data analysis.