Webinar HPE Primera: Innovate without Compromise: Redifining Mission-Critical Application

Today’s businesses are constantly working to bring new mission critical applications to the market and ensure that existing applications can run more agile, faster, and innovative.  However, this is often constrained by the infrastructure used. When there is a problem in storage, it takes long time to detect and find the source of the problem.  If not addressed, it will result in lost business opportunities and financial losses.

Multipolar Technology and HPE asnwered these challenges through a webinar held on July 2 entitled, “Innovate without Compromise: Redifining Mission-Critical Application,” which raised the advantages of HPE Primera mission-critical storage, namely simplicity, availability, and performance.

HPE Primera is a combination of technologies from HPE Nimble Storage and HPE 3PAR with significant innovations such as accelerating application performance, minimizing storage management time by up to 93%, predicting and preventing  operation failures through the HPE Infosight feature.