Seminar IBM Security – How to Prepare for Data Privacy Changes

The emergence of various increasingly sophisticated technologies encourages increased activity and access to data services via mobile devices. Therefore, companies must be more vigilant and proactive in monitoring and preventing security threats.

Corporate IT security is also a top priority to protect important data and applications from cyber-attacks, Multipolar Technology together with IBM held a seminar with the theme “How to Prepare for Data Privacy Data Changes” on November 24, 2022, discussing how proactive steps can be taken with using IBM QRadar SIEM and IBM Guardium.

With the IBM Guardium solution, it can be easier to find out whether the IT environment and database used has security holes, bugs, or leaks. IBM Guardium is also equipped with UBA (User Behavior Analytics) capabilities from IBM QRadar SIEM which can help analyze potential cyber-attacks in real-time.