Seminar ‘Big Data Use Cases & Fraud Detection System’

Just like oil, which needs to be processed first so that it can be consumed, data must also be processed so that it can become useful information and insight. Currently, there are still organizations that take a long time to provide digital-based services. Not to mention if the application used does not support collaboration with the existing digital ecosystem, thus hindering the launch of new products or services.

Along with the development of the digital era, of course, it must be followed by digital-based services that are in line with market trends and needs. The increasing number and variety of data that is developing in the banking sector encourage the need for banks to store and process data so that it can support business decision-making. For this reason,  Multipolar Technology presents the VisionAnalytics – Big Data solution to answer all these needs. With this solution, banks do not only have one platform for storing data from various sources but also complete with data engineering, machine learning, and AI features, so they can predict data for the future.

This is the main topic discussed in the seminar on the topic of Big Data and Fraud Detection Systems this time, which was attended by several selected banks.