Seminar Experience Cloud Native Infrastructure with Modern Threat Protection

In today’s technological era, data can be a force for growth or a crucial point of a company. That’s why data is the most important asset that needs to be managed properly, especially when the business is growing, the more data that will be managed. 

On March 7, 2023, Multipolar Technology, HPE, and Helios Informatika Nusantara held a seminar titled “Experience Cloud Native Infrastructure with Modern Threat Protection” where they discussed how to create a secure cloud native infrastructure to support vital business applications and implement automation through artificial intelligence (AI) for easy management.  

With the HPE Alletra solution, large-scale storage environments are easy to manage, automated, and guaranteed 24/7 availability. The AI-based HPE InfoSight feature makes it easy for users to find out anomalies in storage so they can predict when failures will occur. In addition, setup development can be done automatically and in just minutes, allowing for as-a-service / pay-per-use services with HPE GreenLake, without a large initial investment.