Digital Banking Outlook 2023

Digital transformation is triggering a new wave of competition among traditional service providers, due to which many banks are turning to technology companies offering digital solutions by leveraging their broad customer base and distribution channels. This encourages banks to innovate more quickly, where operational reliability must also be maintained in the face of a surge in users, without sacrificing the user experience when enjoying banking services.

At the end of 2022, the Infobank Institute together with Multipolar Technology and IBM held a seminar with the theme “Digital Banking Outlook 2023: Automation and The Future of Banking Operations” at the Fairmont Hotel Jakarta on December 15 with the IBM Turbonomic solution.

The IBM Turbonomic solution providers Application Resource Management (ARM) which can be an ideal “first step”, to ensure full-stack app-oriented performance, and at the same time still continuously optimize resources and AI-powered ITOps (AIOps) to ensure that applications can continue to be available and will continue to be developed by the industry, to operate on a large scale. This makes it easier for the IT team to monitor and manage configuration compliance and adjust resource requirements safely without sacrificing application performance.

The utilization of solutions from IBM Turbonomic can support the digital banking transformation process to become easier and more convenient, thus helping banks provide better banking services to customers.