Seminar Making Your Cloud Data Robust and Resilient

Utilizing the cloud provides many advantages. From economical costs, supporting more agile operations, to unlimited scalability. Also ensuring the availability of data 24/7 supported by the right technology, so that it can accelerate digital transformation through data democratization. When problems such as higher computing demand, or the license must be renewed every certain period arise, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Veeam make a great solution!

Multipolar Technology with Google Cloud and Synnex Metrodata Indonesia conducted an interactive seminar with the theme “Making Your Cloud Data Robust and Resilient” on April 11 2023 at Hotel Mulia Senayan, Jakarta bringing Google Cloud Platform and Veeam Backup & Replication as solutions.

With solutions from GCP, a series of computing ranging from data processing to security can be managed in a more integrated manner and security guaranteed. Veeam’s solution, can perform disaster recovery in minutes, and ensures 24/7 availability of applications and data, further guarantees data availability. Every day data growth is an opportunity as well as a challenge for every company to have an adequate cloud. Especially if the cloud you are looking for needs to be agile, flexible, innovative, and able to meet high needs.


IDC New Year Luncheon with Multipolar Technology and IBM

According to IDC predict, 25% of large enterprises in Southeast Asia will experience a 20% increase in increased information usage by 2026 due to investments in intelligent knowledge networks that turn structured and unstructured data into discoverable and actionable knowledge. Meanwhile, in Indonesia, 80% of companies have identified enterprise intelligence and AI as top priorities for market competition. 

Multipolar Technology and IBM held an interactive discussion with the theme “Leading in the Digital World with Enterprise Intelligence” on January 17, 2023, with the IBM Infosphere Data Replication (IIDR) solution. 

With this solution, replication can capture changes that occur in the database and immediately send messages or notifications to the target database. Data obtained in real-time certainly facilitates decision-making more quickly and accurately. 

BPD Forum 2023

Together with Asbanda, Multipolar Technology held its 17th annual forum, BPD Forum 2023 with the theme “Big Data Analytics: An AI Approach to Financial Fraud Management System” on 15-17 February 2023 at The Stones Hotel – Legian Bali. 

The chosen theme has been specifically designed in accordance with the needs of banks in this digital transformation era that requires security and convenience in transactions. Multipolar Technology’s partners also participated in providing solutions to meet the needs of BPD. 

Multipolar Technology provides two solutions, including the Fraud Detection System for anticipating fraud and the VisionAnalytics Big Data Platform for using big data. 

These two solutions simplify data management and handling for business expansion and can speed up and improve fraud detection. 

Seminar Experience Cloud Native Infrastructure with Modern Threat Protection

In today’s technological era, data can be a force for growth or a crucial point of a company. That’s why data is the most important asset that needs to be managed properly, especially when the business is growing, the more data that will be managed. 

On March 7, 2023, Multipolar Technology, HPE, and Helios Informatika Nusantara held a seminar titled “Experience Cloud Native Infrastructure with Modern Threat Protection” where they discussed how to create a secure cloud native infrastructure to support vital business applications and implement automation through artificial intelligence (AI) for easy management.  

With the HPE Alletra solution, large-scale storage environments are easy to manage, automated, and guaranteed 24/7 availability. The AI-based HPE InfoSight feature makes it easy for users to find out anomalies in storage so they can predict when failures will occur. In addition, setup development can be done automatically and in just minutes, allowing for as-a-service / pay-per-use services with HPE GreenLake, without a large initial investment. 

Digital Banking Outlook 2023

Digital transformation is triggering a new wave of competition among traditional service providers, due to which many banks are turning to technology companies offering digital solutions by leveraging their broad customer base and distribution channels. This encourages banks to innovate more quickly, where operational reliability must also be maintained in the face of a surge in users, without sacrificing the user experience when enjoying banking services.

At the end of 2022, the Infobank Institute together with Multipolar Technology and IBM held a seminar with the theme “Digital Banking Outlook 2023: Automation and The Future of Banking Operations” at the Fairmont Hotel Jakarta on December 15 with the IBM Turbonomic solution.

The IBM Turbonomic solution providers Application Resource Management (ARM) which can be an ideal “first step”, to ensure full-stack app-oriented performance, and at the same time still continuously optimize resources and AI-powered ITOps (AIOps) to ensure that applications can continue to be available and will continue to be developed by the industry, to operate on a large scale. This makes it easier for the IT team to monitor and manage configuration compliance and adjust resource requirements safely without sacrificing application performance.

The utilization of solutions from IBM Turbonomic can support the digital banking transformation process to become easier and more convenient, thus helping banks provide better banking services to customers.

Seminar Google Cloud Platform: Infrastructure Modernization, Backup & Disaster Recovery

There are still companies that implement on-prem, but cannot provide real benefits to the business. This means that the legacy system used is no longer flexible and cannot provide added value to the business. Because, legacy systems have several limitations in terms of efficiency, agility, productivity, and customer satisfaction that are difficult to measure. Then, how can companies adapt to such rapid changes?

Multipolar Technology collaborated with Google Indonesia to organize a seminar this time for SOEs. Located at the Google Indonesia office, there was high attention from participants when discussing several alternative journeys that can be used when migrating from on-prem to the cloud. For information, one method that can be used is Lift and Shift, where this method is suitable for moving existing applications as they are from on-prem to the cloud, without much change.

Seminar IBM Security – How to Prepare for Data Privacy Changes

The emergence of various increasingly sophisticated technologies encourages increased activity and access to data services via mobile devices. Therefore, companies must be more vigilant and proactive in monitoring and preventing security threats.

Corporate IT security is also a top priority to protect important data and applications from cyber-attacks, Multipolar Technology together with IBM held a seminar with the theme “How to Prepare for Data Privacy Data Changes” on November 24, 2022, discussing how proactive steps can be taken with using IBM QRadar SIEM and IBM Guardium.

With the IBM Guardium solution, it can be easier to find out whether the IT environment and database used has security holes, bugs, or leaks. IBM Guardium is also equipped with UBA (User Behavior Analytics) capabilities from IBM QRadar SIEM which can help analyze potential cyber-attacks in real-time.

Seminar ‘Big Data Use Cases & Fraud Detection System’

Just like oil, which needs to be processed first so that it can be consumed, data must also be processed so that it can become useful information and insight. Currently, there are still organizations that take a long time to provide digital-based services. Not to mention if the application used does not support collaboration with the existing digital ecosystem, thus hindering the launch of new products or services.

Along with the development of the digital era, of course, it must be followed by digital-based services that are in line with market trends and needs. The increasing number and variety of data that is developing in the banking sector encourage the need for banks to store and process data so that it can support business decision-making. For this reason,  Multipolar Technology presents the VisionAnalytics – Big Data solution to answer all these needs. With this solution, banks do not only have one platform for storing data from various sources but also complete with data engineering, machine learning, and AI features, so they can predict data for the future.

This is the main topic discussed in the seminar on the topic of Big Data and Fraud Detection Systems this time, which was attended by several selected banks.

Seminar ‘Leading in Digital-First World with Enterprise Intelligence’

IDC predicts that 25% of large enterprises in Southeast Asia will increase by 20% of information usage by 2026, due to investments in intelligent knowledge networks that can turn data into actionable knowledge. Including in Indonesia, where enterprise intelligence is one of the priorities on the digital agenda.

IDC, Multipolar Technology, and IBM November 3 held an interactive discussion with the theme “Leading in Digital-First World with Enterprise Intelligence” which discussed how to process update, and replicate data in real-time to support business decision-making by utilizing IBM InfoSphere Data Replication (IIDR) solution.


Seminar ‘Simplify, Automate, and Secure Your Network Experience’

Digital transformation demands seamless connectivity to maintain productivity. But is it that easy to maintain a fast and stable network connection? Moreover, with a lot of access from outside the office which adds to the complexity of access management and security.

This was discussed in the seminar “Simplify, Automate, and Secure Your Network Experience” held at Ayana MidPlaza Hotel, by presenting the Cisco Catalyst Full Stack solution.

With Cisco Catalyst Full Stack, customers can connect seamlessly while still prioritizing security and ease of network management. Support for AI-based features and machine learning also helps detect when problems occur and can provide recommendations for follow-up.