Webinar Red Hat Anisble: Balance Out Performance and Affordability with Hybrid Solution

Managing servers effectively and efficiently is a challenging job. The System Administrator manages the server by performing manual software installation, configuration, and services. As the number of servers increases and the configurations that have to be managed become more complex, doing all these activities manually will take more time.

MLPT with TechData, Red Hat and IBM provided a solution to this problem by holding a Balance Out Performance and Affordability with Hybrid Solution Webinar discussing Red Hat Ansibel and IBM FlashSystem.

Red Hat Ansible is a solution to improve  scalability, consistency and reliability of an IT environment. Ansible has a Playbook for containing automation tasks that function to configure one or more servers/devices/applications with little or no human intervention.

IBM FlashSystem is the optimal solution for running high workloads, supporting multi cloud environments, minimizing complexity and most importantly ensuring  data availability.