Webinar IBM Cloud Pak for Integration: Integration Made Simple in Today’s Speed of Business

Business innovations must be able to provide added value and a personalized customer experience. There are many things to prepare, not only in terms of data but also API lifecycle management, integration between applications, Enterprise Messaging, Event Streams, fast file transfers and security systems that must be considered carefully.

On the other hand, with the many systems in use, challenges arise in rapidly integrating complex business processes into a simpler, more scalable and easily accessible one. All of these data must also be presented in a dashboard that is easy to understand for the user, making it easier to make decisions to accelerate business growth.

Responding to these challenges, Multipolar Technology and IBM collaborated on “Integration Made Simple in Today’s Speed of Business” Webinar last October 1. The solution that was delivered was the IBM Cloud Pak for Integration (CP4I).  CP4I is the most complete hybrid integration platform designed to support the scalability, security and flexibility required for digital transformation.