Webinar Fortify Your Security and Governance Posture in Microsoft 365

Many of us have adopted a different way of working. Now work can be done from anywhere and is not limited by specific time or location.

This condition certainly needs to be supported by technology that can provide guaranteed adequate security, so that companies can still meet regulatory standards, especially 3 general criteria related to security known as CIA:  Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability.

Facing these challenges, MLPT again held a webinar titled, “Fortify Your Security and Governance Posture in Microsoft 365,” on August 24.

Microsoft 365 doesn’t just offer collaboration tools and productivity solutions. In addition to the more than 25 applications offered, Microsoft 365 also has security solutions for corporate security needs such as email security (anti-phishing, anti-spam, safe links, safe attachments, anti-malware).  Microsoft 365 offers a bundle of user data security and privacy solutions that help cover enterprise needs at an affordable price and minimize the use of many different tools