Seminar “Mengukur Percepatan Transformasi Digital Perbankan”

By adopting OpenAPI, you can add value to banking services. But on the other hand, the potential for banking data leaks in the OpenAPI era is getting bigger, and ransomware is one of the most common threats. Are banks ready to face increasingly sophisticated cyber-crimes and prevent potential data leaks?

Collaborating with Infobank, Multipolar Technology and IBM held a seminar “Measuring the Acceleration of Digital Banking Transformation” on May 17 at the Pullman Thamrin hotel, Jakarta. This seminar explored mitigation strategies and bank readiness to face cyber-crime, with the support of IBM Security QRadar XDR and IBM Guardium Solutions.

The IBM QRadar XDR solution with XDR advantages combines EDR, NDR, SIEM, and SOAR, making response to cyber-attacks faster. Meanwhile, IBM Guardium is known for its ability to protect data with full features and is user friendly.