Seminar Making Your Cloud Data Robust and Resilient

Utilizing the cloud provides many advantages. From economical costs, supporting more agile operations, to unlimited scalability. Also ensuring the availability of data 24/7 supported by the right technology, so that it can accelerate digital transformation through data democratization. When problems such as higher computing demand, or the license must be renewed every certain period arise, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Veeam make a great solution!

Multipolar Technology with Google Cloud and Synnex Metrodata Indonesia conducted an interactive seminar with the theme “Making Your Cloud Data Robust and Resilient” on April 11 2023 at Hotel Mulia Senayan, Jakarta bringing Google Cloud Platform and Veeam Backup & Replication as solutions.

With solutions from GCP, a series of computing ranging from data processing to security can be managed in a more integrated manner and security guaranteed. Veeam’s solution, can perform disaster recovery in minutes, and ensures 24/7 availability of applications and data, further guarantees data availability. Every day data growth is an opportunity as well as a challenge for every company to have an adequate cloud. Especially if the cloud you are looking for needs to be agile, flexible, innovative, and able to meet high needs.