BNI Life Deploys Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics with Google Cloud

Jakarta, Indonesia, October 19, 2022 – PT BNI Life Insurance (BNI Life) continues to make continuous improvements through innovations in artificial intelligence (AI) and data analytics, by collaborating with Google Cloud, its partner PT Multipolar Technology Tbk (Multipolar Technology), and one of the State University (PTN) in Indonesia.

Shadiq Akasya, President Director of BNI Life said that the collaboration is a part of BNI Life’s digitalization development plan. The company intends to deploy AI and data analytics to transform its operational processes, especially at business units like Underwriting, Claims, and Sales. The company also aims to upskill employees, by helping them acquire capabilities and knowledge to effectively apply AI and machine learning in addressing business challenges.

“The deployment of AI and data analytics has benefits that include risk scoring of prospective customers, a deeper understanding of new and existing customer profiles, fraud prevention and risk management, while streamlining business processes to increase efficiency. We believe that with the application of these technologies, BNI Life will be more prepared and adaptive over life-insurance sector changes, while allowing our customers to get the benefits from sustainable digital service innovations,” concluded Shadiq.

Megawaty Khie, Country Director, Indonesia, Google Cloud, said: “4 in 5 financial institutions across the Asia-Pacific region are already planning to increase their use of cloud technologies over the next three years. This stems from their belief that the cloud presents the fastest and most cost-efficient way to store and organize petabytes of data, and facilitate the application of data analytics and AI tools to deliver personalized experiences to a whole new generation of digital-first users.”

“BNI Life is a strong example of a forward-looking financial institution that is leveraging local cloud infrastructure and services, technical implementation expertise, and skilled vocational talent to accelerate innovation and better serve its customers, while meeting regulatory and compliance requirements. Apart from being a leading provider of scalable, secure, and sustainable data cloud infrastructure and services, Google Cloud will continue investing in local partnerships – such as with Multipolar Technology – and skilling initiatives with many education institutions, to ensure that we have a robust ecosystem in place to comprehensively meet the digital transformation needs of more Indonesian organizations like BNI Life,” added Megawaty.

Herryyanto, Director of Account Management at FSI and Commercial Multipolar Technology, said that the insurance industry in the country is transforming toward modern, complete, and relevant services, especially to meet the needs of the millennial generation in today’s digital era. Advanced analytics technology from Google Cloud can be applied to end-to-end business processes in all business lines, in the effort to achieve operational excellence and the best customer experience.

“Business transformation toward sustainable performance and innovative solutions are the keys to thriving in a dynamic market that often presents new challenges. Multipolar Technology appreciates BNI Life’s trust in Google Cloud technologies to deliver breakthroughs and value add on current services, and provide convenience for internal users and customers. We are ready to support this collaboration by applying best practices through our expert teams who are experienced and competent in their fields,” added Herryyanto.


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