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Infrastructure that  still isolates servers, storage, networks and virtualization is not enough to meet the changes and rhythms that are very fast in today’s digital era. This separately managed infrastructure also contributes to increasing operational costs and resources to manage it. Now Hyperconverged infrastructure technology that combines server, storage, network and virtualization is the choice for those who want to stay competitive and ensure a cloud-ready data center.

Multipolar Technology with Lenovo, Nutanix and Tech Data held a seminar titled “Start Your Automation Journey Now!” Which was held on Tuesday, 24 September. Interestingly, this seminar also invited Bank BPD Bali, which has successfully implemented a hyperconverged solution to share its experiences. Previously, BPD Bali Bank used many physical servers to store operational data. But with the increasingly high workload, the existing devices are no longer sufficient. Finally Bank BPD Bali decided to use hyperconverged solutions from Lenovo and Nutanix.

Hyperconverged from Nutanix and Lenovo ThinkAgile HX Series is a ready-made device that combines several data center services by integrating server, storage, network and virtualization solutions, which offers speed and agility in the application of virtualization, reducing complexity, increasing efficiency, and lowering operational costs with processes implementation that can be done in just minutes.

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