Seminar IBM Power AI Tangerang

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a way to make computers think almost as smart as humans. The goal is that computers can have the ability to behave, think, and make decisions like humans. Answering this challenge, Multipolar Technology and IBM once again held a seminar entitled Revolutioning Quality Assurance with Artificial Intelligence, on November 12 in Tangerang. This seminar, targeting IT and Quality originating from the manufacturing industry in Tangerang.

IBM PowerAI technology which was designed as a platform provider of end-to-end deep learning (mimicking the way the brain thinks) for matter experts (non-data scientists), application developers, and data scientists, is expected to be a slick solution that can be applied in the process production in the manufacturing industry.

IBM PowerAI can also provide solutions for various human activities such as providing recommendations, ease of interacting with customers & providing business model analysis to develop better and more effective. IBM PowerSystem AC922 is a server specifically designed to support performance in AI environments.

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