Seminar HPE GreenLake

Multipolar Technology together with HPE promoted HPE GreenLake solution through a seminar entitled “Go Hybrid and Power Your Transformation – with Both On-Premises and On-Demand IT” on November 21 last.

HPE GreenLake is a usage-based solution, which can be adjusted to the needs of IT infrastructure development both servers, storage and networking without having to mess around with the initial investment. It is suitable to be applied for companies that are constrained by budget for infrastructure renewal or who are interested in OPEX payment systems.

By utilizing HPE GreenLake, customers can enjoy the Everything-as-a-Service experience with a pay-per-use purchase scheme. This means that users of this service will only be charged according to usage as in the public cloud, but the device is on-premise (at the user’s location). This solution enables companies to adopt flexible IT consumption models, which can be easily upgraded or reduced in capacity and can also be adjusted to the available budget.

These are the competitive advantages of HPE GreenLake:

  • Hybrid IT Environment: Can enjoy services like in the public cloud but with fully control such as on-premise server
  • Flexibility: Allows the utilization of the latest technology & has access to monitor the performance of the hardware & software used
  • Simplicity: The ease of implementing a complete & ready-to-use solution suite including backup, real time analytics

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