MLPT Security Forum 2019

The easiness of the digital era is like two sides of a coin. On the one hand, the use of digital technology provides convenience in accessing data or information, but on the other hand it can trigger the complexity and threats of cyber security. It is important for businesses to be able to quickly identify, prevent and respond to cyber threats so they can avoid the potential loss of important data, company reputation and customer trust. This was the topic of discussion at the 2019 Security Forum organized by Multipolar Technology with the theme, “How is Cybersecurity Architecture Becoming Intelligence Driven?” at the Fairmont Jakarta Hotel on August 20, 2019.

Security infrastructure is one of the spearheads to maintain and improve safe and reliable service standards for customers. Faisal Yahya, CyberSecurity strategist who was the main speaker in this seminar, explained the potential cyber security threats that will be faced in the next ten years, as well as the challenges faced when switching from infrastructure security to threat intelligence or incident response.

In order to anticipate the increasingly complex potential of cyber threats, Multipolar Technology offers a range of security solutions from Tenable, F5 AWAF (Advanced Web Application Firewall), and IBM QRadar SIEM (Security Information & Event Management) which emphasize various complementary advantages.

  • Tenable, as a vulnerability assessment tool, is capable of early detection of unsafe gaps or potential infiltration. A report produced by Tenable provided information on which loopholes should be prioritized to be immediately followed up based on the level of risk, so that threats can be anticipated quickly.
  • F5 Advanced WAF (Web Application Firewall) plays a role in counteracting threats that can occur due to intense access to web-based and mobile applications. It can identify and block attacks missed by other WAF solutions. This solution’s advantages include protection against theft and misuse of data; proactive bot defense, which is the only WAF with comprehensive mitigation functions against bot threats on the web and mobile; and the ability of App-Layer DDoS to detect threats to Layer 7 DDoS by using a machine learning and behavioral analytics (behavior analysis).
  • IBM QRadar SIEM (Security Information and Event Management), which is able to identify and analyze potential threats from various sources in real time and display them on one dashboard. This solution presents reports where threats occur – whether on the network, applications or the web, so that handling can be done more quickly. With IBM QRadar SIEM, the IT team no longer need to trace one leak at a time, so that anticipation and security measures can be done quicker and more accurately.

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