IBM Data and AI Forum

MLPT again participated in the IBM event, this time with the theme, “Data and AI Forum” in Jakarta. The event that was held directly by IBM regional was very exclusive, including invitations to selected partners and customers. On this occasion MLPT brought IBM Virtual Data Pipeline (VDP) solutions.

IBM Virtual Data Pipeline (VDP) is an application that is needed for comprehensive data testing where users can create and access virtual copies of the production database quickly, safely and by self-service to accelerate and modernize the application development environment.

Benefits of IBM VDP:

  1. Increase productivity and reduce costs for the development environment
  2. Speed up time-to-market for applications up to 50% with better quality
  3. Provides an efficient workflow so that it can be integrated with 3rd party applications, one of which is for masking sensitive data in the testing of databases

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