Fast Data Provisioning Simplifies Digital Transformation

In this digital age, companies increasingly rely on applications and automation to increase efficiency, productivity, and, of course, to obtain a larger market share. For this reason, fast and automatic quality applications are needed to keep up with market pressures. In addition, collaboration between application development teams and IT operations is also needed to create a new role in the DevOps function.

Answering these challenges, Multipolar Technology together with IBM and Wahana Gemilang (SWG), collaborated in a seminar entitled, “Fast Data Provisioning Simplifies Digital Transformation,” on September 18 and inviting participants who were mostly from the FSI sector.

The solutions presented in this seminar are:
• IBM Virtual Data Pipeline (VDP), an application needed for comprehensive data testing where users can create and access virtual copies of production databases quickly, securely and by self-service to accelerate and modernize the application development environment. Benefits of IBM VDP:

  1. Increase productivity and reduce costs for the development environment
  2. Speed up time-to-market for applications up to 50% with better quality
  3. Provides an efficient workflow so that it can be integrated with 3rd party applications, one of which is for masking sensitive data in the testing of databases

• IBM InfoSphere Optim Data Privacy is a solution to protect sensitive data in non-production environments both structured and unstructured. To protect sensitive data, IBM InfoSphere Optim Data Privacy uses several data masking techniques that can produce dummy data with the same format as the initial information. Benefits of IBM InfoSphere Optim Data Privacy:

  1. Protection of sensitive data which is automatically and periodically monitored
  2. The masking process uses a proven and irreversible algorithm
  3. Data relations are maintained

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