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Just like a business, managing IT also needs planning, especially in today’s rapidly changing technology.

Planning your IT strategically will provide clear directions to align it with business transformations. We’ll help define your IT strategy and planning with various points of view as a starting point according to your business needs and priorities.

Digital Transformation Planning

MLPT’s Consulting Services provide your company with Digital Transformation Planning services, so that you will be ready for the impact of the transformation. Many organizations are finding their digital transformation journeys a struggle due to lack of digital capabilities & leadership capabilities to execute the transformation.

  • Digital capabilities are the use of technology to change how the company interacts with customers, operates internal processes, or defines its business model; and how the company encompass talent and organization in responding to the demands of a digital organization.
  • Leadership capabilities are about creating the necessary conditions required to drive the transformation. They include the transformation vision, the governance model to lead the journey, the necessary IT and business relationships to produce the results, engaging employees in the journey, and workforce enablement that focuses more specifically on skills development and learning.

Our consulting services will help you develop proper DX Plan, by focusing on certain beneficial Digital Capabilities pillars specific to your organization, such as customer experience, operational effectiveness, or else.

Combining the Digital Technology Trends and Enterprise Architecture approach in developing the Digital Capabilities & Leadership Capabilities, the DX Plan will cover the required Architectures to support digital transformation and also the DX Programs Roadmap & the related spending plan.

IT Strategy & Planning

MLPT’s Consulting Services approach will ensure IT can support the achievement of your business goals with the right IT plans and guidelines by involving the business users in defining their requirements based on well-known international frameworks (TOGAF).

• IT Master Plan Development
• Enterprise Architecture Development
• Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) Development

Today, most businesses should carry a proper IT strategy. The purpose is to align your IT with the business. A weak IT strategy can lead to cost overruns and a waste of budget. To avoid this situation, you need to develop a strategy that could serve your business better. Our consulting services will help you develop proper IT Strategy & Plan, such as:

•IT Master Plan
With combination of TOGAF, COBIT, ITIL, & IT Organization framework, we’ll develop your company’s IT Master Plan, including the 5-years IT Roadmap & IT Spending

•Enterprise Architecture
Focusing on the architectures, we’ll develop your company’s Business Architecture, Information Architecture, Application Architecture, Technology Architecture, and even the Security Architecture, including the 5-years IT Roadmap & IT Spending

•Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP)
Anticipating a disaster situation that might happen to IT, having a Disaster Recovery Center (DRC) only is not enough. Without a proper DRP, DRC is “just” your alternate Data Center (DC) site that might also cost you double IT spending if you just duplicate the DC without proper analysis of the IT critical requirements. DRP will provide guidelines towards the critical system required to support the business in times of disaster, the recovery strategy and DRC building criteria that fit your risks and criticality, up to the recovery organization that should be deployed in time. Some industries already had a regulation of having DRP as mandatory.

IT Operation & Governance

MLPT’s Consulting Services will provide proper IT Governance and IT Service Management (ITSM) consulting services to your business and ensure that your business is able to manage IT operations and disruptions by preparing the right IT policies, standards, procedures and also guidelines to implement based on well-known international frameworks (ITIL and COBIT).

  • IT Governance Capability Development
  • IT Service Management Capability Development

Several cases that the Business and IT Management may experience:

  • Business losses, damaged reputations or weakened competitive positions
  • Deadlines not met, costs higher than expected and quality lower than anticipated
  • Enterprise efficiency and core processes negatively impacted by poor quality of IT deliverables
  • Failures of IT initiatives to bring innovation or deliver the promised benefits
    Ineffective IT Governance is likely to be the root cause of those negative experiences many Businesses and IT Management have with IT. Our consulting services will help you develop proper IT Governance and IT Service Management capabilities to ensure your IT will succeed in delivering its value.
  • IT Governance Capability Development
    With combination of COBIT as an umbrella framework, tailoring with most widely-adopted IT framework and standard such as: ITIL, PMBOK, ISO/IEC 27000 we’ll develop your IT Governance Capability by preparing the right IT principles, policies, standards, procedures and the right IT organization structure, including IT Governance program initiatives and roadmap.
  • IT Service Management Capability Development
    Focusing on managing the IT services, we’ll develop your IT Service Management processes policies, standards, procedures and the right IT organization structure, including IT Service Management program initiatives and roadmap.
Independent Validation & Verification (IVV)
MLPT’s Consulting Services will enable you to properly perform IT solution acquisition and implementation by utilizing the right methodology in capturing the real user requirements and providing prove that the application is successfully implemented.
  • IT Requirements (TOR/RFP) Development
  • IT Procurement Assistance Services
  • IT Project Supervision Services, including IT Project Risk Management Services
  • IT Valuation Development


Our consulting services will help in minimizing the failure risk of software implementation with the proven methodology by assisting in each phase as below:

•Preparation Phase-IT Requirements (ToR/RFP) Development. Our differentiation is in the methodology to define the business process requirements with the users.
•Procurement Phase – IT Procurement Assistance. We provide methodology and tools to conduct evaluation and to score vendor proposals. We are adopting the proven international methodology (such as World Bank, JICA), which also has been customized in accordance with Indonesia Law and Regulation.
•Implementation Phase – IT Implementation Project Supervision (incl. IT Project Risk Management). We provide methodology and tools to identify, analyze, and mitigate the risks of software implementation.
•IT Valuation. Company must have the capability to measure the benefits of its IT investments. We provide the method and templates to enable Company assess the Tangible, Quasi-Tangible, and Intangible benefits both for Feasibility Study-purpose or actual benefit measurement.

IT PMO Set Up & Operation Assistance

Enable your business or organization to maximize the benefits and minimize the risks of your project portfolios by implementing proper selection and prioritization approach that fits to your business strategic objectives as well as taking into account your available funds and resources. The set up PMO will also make it easier to monitor and measure the performance of your project portfolio execution by employing the right enterprise project management tools and standard practices.

• IT Program Management Office (PMO) Set-Up Consulting Service
Helping company or organization to set up IT Program Management Office through developing policy and standard processes for PMO functions and project management practices, as well as providing coaching the PMO Team and project managers in the implementation of readily developed processes on pilot project initiatives. The operation assistance in real projects is intended to bring about knowledge transfer, process improvement, and organization behavior change toward transformation of organization project management maturity level.

• IT Project Management Office (PMO) Outsourcing
Provide human capital resources and supporting tools to run your IT PMO operation that covered project portfolio monitoring, programs and projects execution.

• Project Manager Outsourcing
If your company or organization has a shortfall of project manager resources, MLPT could supply experienced and certified project manager to manage your IT projects.

Data Center Consulting
This IT Consulting Service ensures that your company has appropriate Data Center (DC) / Disaster Recovery Center (DRC), which comply to International Standards and alight with your business needs. Consult your data center needs with an experienced team of experts.

Data Center (DC) as a facility that house IT operations and equipment are vital to the continuity of daily operations of today organizations. This facility needs an adequate physical and infrastructure architecture which comply to the international standard to ensure their functions fulfill the business needs optimally effective and reliable in secure manner. Alternate site as Disaster Recovery Center (DRC) should also be prepared to anticipate any disasters that might cripple the DC. When disaster happened, the recovery process which is planned in DRP can be initiated and DRC can operate properly until full function DC is ready to re-operate. To avoid cost overrun and wasted budget, the organization must understand what’s their most needed to have or to build the DC/DRC from design to operational for the long run.

Our Consulting Services will help you develop proper DC/DRC. We provide assessment for your current or to-be data center based on international standard best practice like TIA 942 or Uptime Institute, including the recommendations that suit your business needs. The Design is customized to meet your specific technology and data center objectives, which include site location, building, physical infrastructure, supporting utility and security, and also IT system and infrastructure inside the data center.

Data Governance

This IT Consulting Service enables your company to build capabilities on the overall management of the availability, usability, integrity and security of data used in your enterprise. A sound data governance program includes the governing body or council, a defined set of policies and procedures, and plan to execute those procedures. You will be ready then for situations like data loss, poor data quality, misuse of stolen data.

  • Data Quality & Integration Assessment, using a proven tools
  • Data Quality & Integration Capability Development

With the good data governance and data management, your organization will be ready then for situations like data loss, poor data quality, misuse of stolen data.

Our IT services will help in data governance and data management solutions, which focus on the important areas, since the data governance and management are very wide, as below:
•Data Quality Solution: provides a solution to ensure the quality of your organization’s data related to completeness, uniqueness, timeliness , validity, accuracy, and consistency;
•Data Governance Development: assists in developing data strategy, policy, stewardship & ownership, culture change, principles, valuation, classification and data maturity assessment.

With Data Governance, you can achieve key goals, such as:
•Understand and govern your data: analyze, cleanse, standardize, and enrich your data to increase the value of data for strategic business decision.
•Minimize risks and reduce cost: meet data retention policy and data privacy compliance
•Consolidated enterprise data: have consistent and uniform data