Cisco Cognitive Collaboration Seminar

In today’s digital era, technology based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning undeniably contributes to collaboration to a more advanced level, namely cognitive collaboration. Related to this, MLPT and Cisco held a seminar titled, “Cisco Cognitive Collaboration – The Next Level of Digital Transformation,” on August 6, which was attended by companies from various industrial sectors.

Cognitive collaboration is a concept that is carried by Cisco to facilitate communication that is not always done in the meeting room or work cubicle, by utilizing Cisco Webex solutions. Busyness and less conducive situations such as tight meeting schedules and traffic jams often hamper communication and productivity. Now there is no need to worry because Cisco Webex allows collaboration without limits, through virtual face-to-face meetings.

Cisco Webex makes it easy for users to collaborate through images, video and sound from anywhere easily, comfortably and safely, without the need for special meeting rooms. Cisco Webex can also be integrated with any video conferencing system so that communication becomes easier, with the support of sharp video quality even Full HD. Participants who attended this seminar can also immediately try out the experience of using Cisco Webex.

During this occasion there was also a presentation on Meraki Cisco solution which facilitates the centralized management of network devices through a cloud-based dashboard that can be accessed anytime and anywhere securely.

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