We understand your needs in getting excellent end-to-end solutions and services in Information Technology including Hardware and its Integration Services, Application System and its Implementation Services, IT Consulting Services, and Business Process Managed Services.
We have developed our competencies into four main areas:

  • Hardware and Its Integration Services

We provide and setup IT Hardware and Network devices for your business; ensure a smooth transition including integration with existing infrastructure. These cover network infrastructure, enterprise server including midrange and mainframe, enterprise storage, and self-service solution.

  • Application System and Its Implementation Services

A well-integrated solutions framework and its implementation to support your business are provided; such as Banking Solutions, High Availability Solution, Information Management, Business Analytics, Enterprise Business Solutions, Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), Virtualization Solution, and Enterprise Project Management (EPM) System.

  • IT Consulting Services

Our IT Consulting Services team consists of highly talented individuals with deep industry expertise, broad global knowledge, and proven experiences in consulting based on a culture of professionalism, best practice adoption, ‘can-do’ attitude, and receptive to new ideas. We will help you to identify the best fit solutions towards reaching your corporate objectives. The services are categorized into three areas, namely  IT Strategy/IT Planning Consulting Services, IT Project Management Consulting Services, and IT Operations Consulting Services.

  • Business Process Managed Services

The services are provided by our subsidiary, VDI, which has a nationwide service coverage with more than 125 service points. We offer an alternative cost-effective IT based solutions in Field Operation Managed Services, Branch IT Services, Merchant IT Services, IT Operation Managed Services, IT Application Managed Services, Contact Center Services, and Mobile & Payment Services.