Shareholder Number of Shares Percentage of Ownership
PT Multipolar Tbk. 1.630.250.000 86,95%
PT Inti Anugerah Pratama 5.514.600 0,29%%
PT First Media Tbk 136.750.000 7,29%%
PT Tryane Saptajagat 250.000 0,01%%
Masyarakat/Public 102.235.400 5,75%%
Total 1.875.000.000 100 %

The Company’s parent entity is PT Multipolar Tbk, which is the Company’s major shareholders. The ultimate parent of the Company is PT Inti Anugerah Pratama (previously PT Inti Anugrah Propertindo) that owned by Riady’s Family

Shareholder structure as per June 30, 2020 is as follows:

Struktur kepemilikan perusahaan - company structure 2019