29 March 2016, VDI-OTI: Get Personal with Document Management on Cloud

Paper is a mandatory needs for an organization.  Its usefulness is for correspondence, administration, reporting, proposal, copying documents, ect. Which make the consumption of paper is huge.  But today that stigma gradually becoming obsolete because the paper price is getting higher and users have moved to paperless works.  Besides now is more economical, document management becoming nicer and orderly, and off course more efficient in terms of storage space. 

Visonet Data International cooperated with OTI Transformasi Lintas Internasional, presenting SmartDoc Solution, which is Software as Service which can facilitate users to work everyday with more efficiently.  With SmartDoc, data can be accessed through computer and can easily corrected or for review purposes.  SmartDoc is also enabling one team in the organization at the same time make a correction in one document. 

VDI and OTI introduced solution to work more easily on daily actitivies, and reduce cost for paper price in the office by doing Small Discussion.  This event “Get Personal with Document Management on Cloud” attended by all companies under Lippo Group.