11 August 2016, Protect Application, Data and Server from Downtime Migrate, Protect & Recover...Anywhere with High Value, Affordable Solution | Real Time DR

Planned or not, downtime can occur at any time, in any form. The inability to maintain the company's operations during the downtime, would be a fatal impact on the loss of critical enterprise data and applications. This can lead to cessation of the operations, and the loss of sales opportunities.  To make operations can continue to run, the company must conduct preventive measures to ensure:

  • Availability of application and critical data of organization 24x7
  • Data migration and overall smooth IT system
  • Operation running continuously, undisturbed

Multipolar Technology recommended the strength of  REAL-TIME DR package, which is a combination of  Double-Take® Availability™ & HPE Server DL360 Gen9:

  • Protect data, application & server in physical environment, virtual and cloud.
  • The ability to migrate anything to anything with near zero downtime.
  • Real time replication for data protection, application and server, with speed recovery.
  • Maximized infrstructured investment (hardwre, application & network)
  • Ensure business operational that run continuously.
  • HPE Server DL360 Gen9 with current technology for high performance, decrease downtime, and energy saving. 


“One solution for anything-to-anything high availability for Windows; Anything-to-anywhere HA/DR and failover protection”

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