13 August 2015, Increase Business & IT Agility by Continuously Improving Business Process

Workflow between business and IT sometimes running mismatched, which can lead to miscommunication and inefficient business processes. In the insurance companies, Policy Manager has the standard rules and complex business processes. IT systems required to be able to simplify this complex process, in order to produce accurate  and integrated data.

Aspects that causing delays in the process, including a lack of responsiveness to the needs of business organizations, particularly if there are changes in regulations but did not do any immediate changes to IT systems related to, caused many manual processes in the recording. Manual recording without automation inevitably lead to unevenness of data, the gathering information process that takes a long time, even the resulting data can be accuracy questionable. This raises the difficult challenge to the insurance industry.

Multipolar Technology through seminars Increase Business and IT Agility by Continuously Improving Business Process for Insurance Companies seminar, try to answer these challenges.  Seminar was held on August 13, 2015 at Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta to discuss:

  • IBM Business Process Management, a solution that uses software and services to explore the performance of an organization. BPM perform incremental approach to improving business value and build the competence of the company, before making drastic changes in a business. IBM BPM solutions can be documented, automation, and consistently improving business processes to increase efficiency and reduce costs.
  • IBM PowerLinux, is a server that has a high ability in answering the growth of Big Data, Analytics and Java applications in the latest generation of open cloud environment. IBM PowerLinux and various support systems designed to provide a lower downtime, the best reliability, high performance, at competitive prices. IBM Power architecture is optimized for Red Hat and Suse Linux, and so also with a variety of third-party solutions from Independent Service Provider (ISV). Virtualization in PowerLinux provides lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and more powerful with better capacity.