27 January 2016, GTN Lippo Group Gathering

Along with the progress of construction of Graha Nusantara Technology (GTN) datacenter, which is planned to be completed and inaugurated in mid-2016, GTN Datacenter team is getting ready to plunge into the market to compete and provide their best services. Take place at Aryaduta Country Club Karawaci, this event was attended by some executive under the Lippo Group.

In addition to providing updated information on the development of the construction,  GTN on this occasion informed that GTN will provide Cloud IAAS (Infrastructure as a Service). Customers can save operational costs by utilizing this service.

IAAS will be one of the main entrances for customer to increase scalability and continuous performance, with solutions that are very efficient and effective and rapid in its implementation. Besides IAAS Cloud services, in the future will also develop services GTN Private Cloud, Public Cloud, and Hybrid Cloud. The diversity of these services will certainly facilitate the customer in terms of determining the amount of cloud performance compared with an attractive financing.

Further information about GTN Data Center's solution please contact Tjetjep Dharmawan – 0818 93 9800