02 July 2015, Groundbreaking GTN Data Center

Groundbreaking Event of GTN Data Center was held on July 2, 2015. Present at Groundbreaking Ceremony among others Mr. Richard Kartawijaya, CEO of GTN, Mr. Harijono Suwarno MLPT as Commissioner, Mr. Katsuhisa Nakatani as the Executive Officer & Branch Office of Singapore MKI, and Mr. MC Loh, President Director of Lippo Cikarang. Marked by doing incarceration of sand by the Lippo Group Executives (MLPT, GTN, Lippo Cikarang & Lippo Village), Mitsui and ICM.

GTN Data Center offers the concept of a "green data center" by implementing quality standards and high-level security system from Japan. Services offered by GTN is co location, managed services, and incubation programs for start-up companies. GTN Data Center adopted the strategy of 3S from Japan, namely Safe because of its strategic location and secure, Stable with the use of the power source dual grid (two separate power sources, and Sustainable by the use of Dynamic Rotary UPS / DRUPS that uses kinetic energy as a power backup to ensure the availability of resources continuously.

GTN Data Center optimistic to become a leader in data center business in Indonesia, and became one of the largest data center in the world!