12 August 2015, Getting Started with IBM Business Process Management for Cross Industry

On August 12, 2015, MLPT organized half-day seminar that explores the IBM Business Process Management [BPM]. The event was specifically targeted for Cross Industry and highlighted the advantages of IBM BPM which can give some ease for companies such as: simplify the communication of a work process so that Service Level Agreement (SLA) can be measured accurately; simplify the approval process; facilitate the claims process to be more optimal, and also automate the work usually done manually become systematic.

IBM BPM performance will even more maximum with the support of the formidable  infrastruktrur. IBM PowerLinux provides high capability in responding to the growth of Big Data, Analytics and Java applications in the latest generation of open cloud environment. IBM PowerLinux and various supporting systems are designed to seek lower downtime, the best reliability, high performance, at competitive prices. IBM Power architecture is optimized for Red Hat and Suse Linux, and can also with a variety of third-party solutions from Independent Service Provider (ISV). Virtualization in PowerLinux provides lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)  and more powerful with better capacity.