09 June 2016, Banking Executive Forum

Multipolar Technology and IBM collaborated in the event Infobank Banking Executive Forum with the theme "Banking maneuver Penetrating Digital Generation: Banking past, Present and Future". In this era banking are required to be able to accommodate the customer needs and also seize opportunities digitization by providing services that support that needs.

Otoritas Jasa Keuangan (OJK(  is currently encouraging domestic banks to be more practical in improving customer service system with one channel in the future . This is in line with the development of technology in the banking world. "In the future, banking services are more practical, everything needed by the customer are available, just like supermarkets. Currently for bank transaction they are still use variety of channels, "said Director of Bank Supervision FSA, Jasmi.

Event speakers come from various institutions, was a success to attract participants from banks, while the solution  highlighted is:

  • VisionMobile, mobile-based transaction platform which includes: Smart Code, Mobile Banking, and eMoney. This solution can facilitate SME / traders / merchants to accept payments through mobile banking and e-Money
  • IBM Power Systems, IBM Power Systems technology enables the development of business platform into the digital age with technology Big Data, Analytics and Cloud, which provides the best integration, best performance and best virtualization. IBM Power architecture can be optimized to provide lower total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and more reliable, with better capabilities